Work in Progress: Here you can find images of models and projects that are in various stages of completion.


25 Oct 2011

WIP 005 Herschel

WIP 006 Herschel
Unveiled: The Shuttlecraft Herschel - a TOS-era Star Trek shuttle.

It's design is similar to the Galileo shuttle (as seen in the tv series) but smaller only seating a crew of four.

Since it has plenty of windows and it seems a bit of a cheat just to black them out I guess I should model the inside of the shuttle too. But that's going to take more time and a little more planning.
21 Sept 2011

WIP 004
Here's a glimpse of a new project I've been working on from a very different era of Star trek.

24 Sept 2010

WIP 003
And let there be... internal illumination. As you might be able to guess I've been working on translucent materials and lighting recently.

It takes some time to render, on my machine, but I think it's worth the effort.
27 August 2010

WIP 002
Another view of my current project, this time, from the opposite direction.

19 August 2010

WIP 001
Here's a sneak-peak of my first project using Blender (3D software).

The main aim of this project is to get a handle on the new software and also to develop my understanding of more advanced modelling and rendering techniques. So, as you might expect, this project isn't progressing too quickly.